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Welcome to CatMinders

Welcome to CatMinders

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Now this I find interesting ... I receive a copy of the letter from the neurologist ( about whom I was ranting last week ) to my GP , noting that I am much improved generally ( what ? ) and that May was a very good month for me though June has been unfortunately less good with three severe headaches . Three ? I sqwark , three ? I saw him write in his notes that immediately prior to my attendance I had had ten days of headaches , and that was just that bit of the month . You really aren't interested in hearing about the rest of the month ....What is going on here ?
Ah here is the reason .. he signs off that he is intending to discharge me due to my improvements blah blah . Would look a bit odd to say we do not appear able to assist this woman so are discharging her anyway . But why not , on reflection . Why not indeed ? What price honesty ? Failing does not sit easy ? Do I do this in my job ? This I need to think about .

However , I am on a bit of a high so I have no intention of letting any of that get me down . Since then I have had one or two minor setbacks but otherwise have been well .

I am officially now on holiday for several days . Despite the rain outside ( very heavy ) I cannot quite believe it will continue ) , and by Sat when we collect our hire camper van from York it will be sunshine all round and we will be exloring Bronte country and then further afield whilst Nat is on her school trip to Europe ( France Belgium Germany ). Those teachers deserve a medal .
Alice is psyching herself by sleeping at every possible opportunity , her head under the cushion .
She has particularly revelled in the practice runs on the local wine bar , and test drives of our bed ( the occasional afternoon snooze ) , and has even " done sharing " with the cats . Kitty is not amused .
Laura is moving in to take care of house and cats and has her own plans ( Mouth of the Tyne Festival this weekend ) .
PS . How do you spell sqwark ? Anybody ?


joan said...

Hi Shelagh enjoy yr break in bronte country, i am sura Alice will love it,
lets have loads of pics, I havent been to that part of yorkshire, but love north york moors
take care

MsCatCalls said...

Thanks Joan yes will be taking lots of photos might even try to post when Im away x

BetteJo said...

Oh yes, lots of pics, and enjoy!

Silliyak said...

There is a great possible hamster based post at
titled Et Tu Brute. Thought of you. Hope you're having a nice vaca

aims said...

Have gone around from your visit over at mind.

I see you have a Himalayan! My brother has 2 and they really are lovely cats. So different from others.

I also see you suffer from headaches and got the typical answer from your doctor.

I had a migraine for 2 years! It never went away. I developed a lovely furrow across my forehead from dealing with the pain. A MRI showed I had a 'little something' in my brain and that it wasn't a fast growing 'little something' - and they left it at that. MRI's every year and let's wait.

However - nothing helped the migraine. I finally found something online called Migraine Defense. I figured I had nothing to lose except for the cost of a bottle - so I gave it a try. It worked!! It kicked that migraine out of my head and when I feel one coming on - I take a couple of these.

They also recommended taking Melatonin at night to prevent migraines in the night. I take 1 every night before bed and no longer wake up at 4am with a migraine.

So - if you're willing to give it a try - it just might work. I hope so!

MsCatCalls said...

Thanks for visiting Aims . I am willing to try anything , though too claustrophobic ( so far ) for mri scan an dno one has pushed me on that one as Im not bad enough ., Im off on hols tomorrow so will try to get these items online when I get back , unless I can find wireless access when Im away . Thank you . I do often wake in the morning with headache so the melatonin might help . I will keep you posted . thanks again for your offer of help .I shall be back to your blog to find out what happens next too .

Dorothy said...

Have fun, and take lots of photos..

Dorothy from grammology
remember to hug your gram

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