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Welcome to CatMinders

Welcome to CatMinders

Sunday, 2 March 2008

High Seas

Google searches

As my statistics seem to pick up , I get curious about who is reading me . I know BetteJo , and Joan , and my sister of course , and sometimes D , though I suspect he gets fed up with the silly references to his foibles etc , Nat now and then I think ( more then than now ) , Marisa maybe , one or two catcaller families , one or two friends , maybe Neil of MarketingMyNovel fame Freddie' s dad occcasionally , and then there s the rest of you that I don't know about , well I know you come back time and again but I dont know who you are or how you found the blog .
So sometimes I look at the google searches that bring people here . Makeover 2000 is ever popular . Seal pups on the beach . Dressy up clothes for the Roomba gets somebody most weeks , mostly from the States . The one I love best , that has brought people this way on several occasions is Perpetuating lettuce ....I cannot for the life of me imagine I wrote anything at all about lettice , perpetuating or otherwise , but hey there it is time and again , drawing the crowds . And there was me thinking posting a picture of a naked woman ( though not me necessarily, was the way to go ) .

Today , someone found the blog via a search for "flehming response in cats" . Now I recall searching high and low for a picture of a cat making this face , having tried for days to catch one of my four on camera . But , with digital it's really really hard . Cat makes face , you grab camera . You may even think you caught shot , but camera seems to take the pic a fraction of a section after cat has stopped making the face and is now smiling happily again .
So in the end I took a picture of a flehming response in a tapir ( having a thing for tapirs at that time ) .
Today , I follow the leads via the google search and find this , Question or comment on some vets site . I nearly wet myself laughing .
I quote .

"My big fat Tom sniffed another cat's backside. Then he held open his mouth and stared alot. What is he doing?"

Posted 1 week ago

Underneath is a neat little explanation of flehming and then loads of great pictures .... Pah !

Where was this cat's backside , and indeed his face , when I needed it all those weeks ago ?

The one where CatCaller fails at everything ....

Oh Dear . After a cracking start yesterday with the insulin injection , this morning its a whole different story . I arrive at eight am as arranged . M and G are both very friendly , G more so than yesterday , and I picture the injection going swimmingly as somewhere in the back of my mind I have a feeling there will be a hitch , though I struggle to imagine what , as she was really quite accommodating yesterday and afterwards we seemed to stay good friends .

In the kitchen , there are two bowls of uneaten food , leftovers from last nights dinner , provided by the neighbour and I wonder if this is not a good sign . Maybe they won't be hungry ? G has to be seen to eat a little amount of food before the injection otherwise it's not safe .

I chatter cheerfully to the cats , telling them about the tin of kippers I am about to open for them and about my morning so far , pausing at one point in my description of rising at 6 30 to let the dog out even on Mother's Day , to wonder about the flat's soundproofing and whether the neighbour can hear my inane prattling ......

The cats look at me with interest and G comes to the edge of the mat to watch what I'm doing , though neither she nor M seems particularly bothered about the kippers . M yesterday was definitely showing an interest in the sardines-put-out-to-temp-G by this stage of the can opening .

My heart sinks .

I think NLP and visioning the result I want and picture myself in front of G daintly eating her fish whilst I prepare the needle , rolling the insulin in my hands , drawing up the amount and then checking for air bubbles , checking and re checking then concealing the syringe in my hand whilst I tempt G to let me stroke her and bunch up her fur and ... you know the rest ....

To no avail .

To no avail .

I am a failure . G is sitting staring at the kippers . M is staring at the kippers . I am staring at the kippers .

No one has opened a mouth , except me , to make silly coaxing noises and talk nonsense about nonsense .

G has walked around the entire flat , showing me all the rooms .

I have followed her with a bowl of fish , then a bowl of chicken , then more fish .

Finally she turns her back pointedly .

I pick up a magazine and sit on the sofa pretending to read , my mind racing . I know J told me it would not be the end of the world if she missed the injection one day . That the important thing was not to inject if no food on board .

I move the food closer . The cat moves away .

I give up , write an explanatory note and decide to ring J and explain myself .

I carry out my other tasks with a heavy heart , say goodbye to the cats . G rolls over and over towards me , quite benevolent and well disposed .

Later , on the beach , a solo surfer is out there . I use my camera to film from a great vantage point . I have somehow missed the action . Completely missed him standing up and riding along the huge rolling waves . Missed the waves .

I post the clip because its Mother's Day and a great day and failure or not the sea always looks itself .

I am wearing bright orange stripey socks ( no Grumpy Cow candles to boot ) , recieved 2 not 1 card ( takes some explaining that one ) , and we got the best sofa s in Lui 's in the village for breakfast .

What more could I ask for ?

Wishing you all a Happy Day , whatever your story x

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