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Welcome to CatMinders

Welcome to CatMinders

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Wall from window with raindrop ...

... but missing the two rainbows .
View from the window last night , without the double rainbow .
This the wall the cats love to stare at , endlessly , in meditation .

Question ? Or Comment

  1. D , looking over my shoulder as I post the exploding tv blog see complete with photo : " why does an article about an exploding tv feature a picture of a toilet ?"
    " A toilet ? "
    " What toilet ?"
    he points , impatient for me to finish so he can direct me to his latest attempt to restore the website to the spot on the ether where it needs to be .

    (The e mails are coming thick and fast from Fasthosts and seem now to start " Dear D , we are now sure that you have ..... "
    and sign off " We are now sure that once you ..... x, y and z you will be laughing all the way to your search engine ", or similar . )

    " That's the bidet "

    Silence .
    I hear the voice in his head which is saying , quietly , " I rest my case " .

Exploding tv downstairs at the final hour to listen to the Archers at seven , having been trying to polyfilla the bathroom back together . Polyfilla was the plan but as always with these ideas , it transpires there are a mountain of preparatory tasks which cant be ignored . Scrubbing the skirting boards and the floor tiles and round the base of the lavvy and the bidet ( which doubles as the cat's fresh water bowl receptacle )...... consequently I run down in a hot sweat and all geared up for flat on the back on the sofa with Jennifer and Ruarhi and the spectre of Siobhan .....not best pleased when the tv refuses to yield Radio 4 and pant back up to the next level to lie on the bed instead and listen to an alternative device .

N comes home and wanders in wondering why I am up there and breaks the news that D is poring over the tv which looks like it is no more .

Silence reigns , no Big Brother .

N and I take off for Morrisons and Fox 's wholemeal bran biscuits which have temporarily taken over from Rachel's organic coconut bio yoghurt as the breakfast of choice ( with golden linseeds stirred in for extra effect ) where we acquire some cute post it notes ( 59 p) . Soon a note appears in N's handwriting

To :Shelagh

From: D: of Newcastle

tel no: 0800 -kiss- my -ass

Message : Shelagh Im sorry but IM GAY ( sic)

For some reason this strikes me as very funny and makes me very happy . I celebrate with maltesers ( small ) and decide polyfilla can wait . Further cause for celebration , an e mail pops up stating I have won another e bay bid ( addictive or what , never bought anything then three purchases in one week ) , a hardback book for 99 pence . ( fay Weldon :She may never leave , featured in an article in this morning's Times .Search Times Online )

The pound puppies ( mini ) arrived at 9am .
The cats were aghast when they tumbled out of the envelope and scattered for a few minutes , re appearing gingerly to check out whether they moved . 18 tiny dogs , kittens , three piggies , a purry , a furry and an elephant .

Jess and Toby begin footballing almost immediately with a brown pig and Kitty selects a long eared and rather tasteful beige basset hound for her very own . There are even some Birman style puppies with chocolate points .
All is well with the world .

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