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Welcome to CatMinders

Welcome to CatMinders

Monday, 17 March 2008

Blogging or Living ....

Feature on Radio Four this am as I was driving to town, about bloggers and time . Apparently most of us who blog incessantly ( and they were talking more of the young male bloggers who blog about politics and Important Stuff ) do so using the Time we would have previously spent wasting in front of tv . I find this slightly irritating as I've never been one for tv much ( though of course I do watch Holby City . This was all in response to someone ( female ) having been asked why she didn't blog , and urged to do so , replied " to what End and with what Time ". Good enough questions , for sure , and no doubt we all do it for differing reasons .
For my own part ( how can you tell I have no commitments at the Day Job this week , or not till Wed anyway ) I blog because I love to write and take pictures and I often really amuse myself in the process . And how much more satisfying is blogging than writing a journal or Journaling as they call it now .
Satisfying entirely because in my case its legible again later .( I cant read my own handwriting .) And of course the main reason , the feedback from commenters , and the Statistics record showing that week in week out people from all over the world are reading , even if most of them don't say anything .

Interesting , the word Journaling conjures up images of postmodern squirrels all reading their Foucalt as they spoon up pomegranate infused granola ( with summer fruits ) . Has anyone ever managed more than three pages of Foucalt by the way ? I'm no lightweight when it comes to reading matter ( hollow laugh ) but this is harder going than trying to give Kitty a foot massage on the occasion of her birthday . Whereas the word Blogging ( as opposed to saying Writing a blog , sounds just right . Funny that , isnt it . Its probably an example of postmodernism at its best , but since I never finished Foucalt .....

Silliyak made a comment about this and I confess as I took the pics of Alice's horrid wounds I did feel a tad guilty knowing they were for the blog but telling myself they might also be useful for the record ( what record ? ) . What is worse though is that in the very middle of the barney , as the Other Woman was examining Alice and tearing up , I did actually for a split second contemplate whipping out the camera ( it was sitting in my fleece pocket , almost whirring with indignation ) and photographing Naughtly little Molly the bad little Jack Russell . the thing that stopped me was , well there were two things . Three things .
First she might have thought I was gathering evidence for a civil suit against her and her neighbour's dog ( which I wasn't .
Dogs bite each other and its up to the adults to stop them , in my book . We had failed as much as her ) . Second she might have guessed I wrote a blog and thought I was a terrible woman using details of Alice's misadventure to tell a stupid story .
And finally D might have thought it was terribly insensitive to Alice . Oh Hold on Alice we will get you home in a minute but I must take a few snaps first .......

So no pictures of Bad Molly or her little pal ; they were working as a team .
But it seemed reasonable enough to encapsulate Alice herself before her stitching and after her op . She was delighted to hear of the good wishes of the commenters and I held up the e card of dolphins ( which are known to have healing properties ) sent by Joan for her to look at .


BetteJo said...

I have seen several posts done by bloggers musing over their seeing everything as a new blog post.

It's kind of hard after a while, to NOT want to include anything and everything that seems interesting. Photos included.

I know I get some strange feelings about it sometimes - like having a relatively serious talk with my daughter the other day and saying - don't worry, I won't write about it on my blog. I think there's a point where you go from writing a blog - to being a blogger. And at that point - almost everything becomes fair game. Don't feel bad. A lot of us consider the same things. :)

Dorothy said...

Ignore ignorant unhappy people..Blogging is better then a psychiatrists or meds.. We can never please the world, however, we can a moment of peace within ourselves when we write, and that is worth more then anyone else's opinion.

Have a wonderful day..

My best,
Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelagh
Hope Alice feelin better and you enjoyed Nats bday, I feel the same as Dorothy, I really enjoy reading blogs, and have been for the last 2 years! if people are going to critisise blogs why do they read them? there is loads of imformative blogs, ie lifeboat and toms blog, I read yours its funny, and you have a love of animals as I do,
Keep up with your great blog
Have a lovely easter, with lots of eggs! We are both working over easter, and Bj has got one of her friends staying! Smeagoul is a 3 yr old male gpig, will get a foto of him,
take care
joan x

Anonymous said...

Ps Shelagh
That pair of legs you found the other week, could they have been from a training dummy, The lifeboat blog showed a pic of one, looked similar

MsCatCalls said...

THanks for all your comments . Nothing would stop me blogging now ... and yes re the legs , we did wonder that , they were full of sand and weighed a ton .

Tim said...

Blogging should be done in public and proudly too!!!

Keep up the good work Shelagh. Little Man would have been proud of you I reckon.

Mine quietly ticks along now, like a senior citizen having a long walk....


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